Bridal Makeup in ChennaiUndoubtedly, the wedding is one of the most exciting days of one’s life. Every bride will be super excited about the day and will want to look at their best on a special day. For the best look, it is important to select the right bridal makeup look. In fact, choosing bridal makeup is as important as the other aspects of wedding planning. Be it modern or timeless looks, the bride has to do the necessary homework on the latest makeup trends. There are many latest bridal makeup trends such as metallic look and defined brows.

To give the right look to the bride, the makeup artist hired for the purpose should be aware of the latest trends. Only those who have taken up a bridal makeup course in Chennai will be able to deliver the desired look to the bride.

Bridal makeup artists in Chennai will highlight focal features

The best makeup artists who have taken up a bridal makeup course in Chennai will highlight the focal features of the brides. They will highlight features such as lips, eyes, cheekbones and brows depending on the bride’s choice and looks. Irrespective of the season, embracing the natural features is a wedding trend. The latest trend is having smokey eye makeup with soft lip do or soft eye makeup and bold lip makeup to enhance the overall looks.

Though getting the makeup done will enhance the look of the brides and make them look their best on a special day, it is important to have healthy skin for the best looks. Cosmetologists and professional bridal makeup artists in Chennai will emphasize on pre-wedding skincare routine instead of relying on heavy foundation and makeup. This practice will enhance the natural features as there is not much of foundation used for the coverage. Experts will suggest good skincare and the effects of it such as a radiant and natural glow.

Makeup artists in Chennai opt for subtle illumination techniques

Wedding makeup artist in ChennaiApart from suggesting good pre-wedding skincare routine for a natural look, expert bridal makeup artists in Chennai are shifting from heavily contoured look to subtle illumination techniques. Even brides prefer to carry naturally illuminated looks instead of heavy makeup. In fact, the natural face will have a blush, which is usually concealed by heavy layers of foundation.

For many years in the past, bronze tones were used on the eyes and it looks like this trend will not fade anytime soon. In fact, the metallic look is also trending right now. Many modern brides prefer the use of metallics as these hues add gold sparkles or shimmer. This continues to be in popularity for quite some time. For a natural look, in recent times, brides are opting for neutral brown shades that were popular a couple of decades back taking us back in time.

Personalized makeup trends in Chennai right now

Some common bridal makeup trends that are in trend these days include,

  • Bold lips
  • Defined brows
  • Neutral eye makeup

As per the expert bridal makeup artists, lips are highlighted with red and this is not a recent trend. To add a bolder look to the lips, the rest of the makeup such as eye makeup is done mildly. For instance, with bold lips, it is common to have neutral eye makeup. If brides are not sure if the bold lip do will suit them, they can get a trial done before the wedding. The other important aspect is to have defined brows. Having bold brows is a wedding makeup trend that brides will not ignore. Defined brows with give a perfect and polished effect to the brides and make them look elegant.