Hair colouring has become more common than ever before as people are more concerned about their looks and want to look their best at all times. As it is an expensive affair and not everyone can afford a quality hair coloring job at a salon, many people prefer getting a home hair color done on their own. Notably, women prefer getting their hair colored in the convenience of their home. But for most women, a blotched coloring job will be a nightmare. It stays for a long time and makes heads turn towards them for all the wrong reasons.

So, if you are looking out for some tips to get your hair colored at your home, then you can browse for some useful information from experts in hair styling in Chennai. They will give a heads up about where to start and how to go about with it. And, this way, you will get a great look and flaunt your new hair color happily without shelling out a lot of money on it.

Experts in Chennai will help you decide if you need a permanent hair color

Basically, there are two types of hair coloring – permanent and semi-permanent. Only experts in hair styling who have pursued a hairdressing course in Chennai will be able to help you understand the differences between the two. Well, permanent hair colors will dye your hair and will not fade for a long time. However, as your hair grows, the roots will start showing the original hair color. So, your hair will have different colors as it grows. Choose this type of hair coloring job only if you are fine with the difference in colors as your hair grows.

On the other hand, semi-permanent hair coloring will darken the hair strands, and it is not possible to lighten it. This one lasts for a variable duration of time based on the product that is used for the coloring task. When it comes to a home hair coloring job, the semi-permanent colors are preferred as these can be easily reversed unlike the permanent one though it has its limitations.

Top hair stylists in Chennai will tell you not to ignore instructions

While you are getting a home hair color done, you need to read all the instructions carefully before you proceed. It is essential not to overlook this step. The instructions on the box will prompt you to wear gloves to keep your skin and nails protected. Usually, there will be a pair inside the box of the hair coloring product. After all, you might not want to stain your nails and manicure as you color your hair. Also, prefer a ventilated area to color your hair as the ingredients in the product can make you feel dizzy.

Best hairdressers in Chennai will suggest a patch test

Now, after these, get a patch test or strand test done. Remember that this step should not be ignored if you are trying a new brand. This is important as certain ingredients in the hair dye products might result in unusual skin reactions. You can do a patch test by coloring a small lock of hair instead of all your hair straight away. Wait for the specified duration and see the final color before carrying it out completely. Some potential allergies include,

  • Blisters on skin
  • Itchiness or swelling of the scalp
  • Swollen lips and eyelids
  • Rashes on face and skin

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