Hairdressing Courses in ChennaiHair color is quite common these days. If you have got your hair colored, then you will know the challenge in retaining the color without letting it fade away quickly. The hair color you have done would have given you a total makeover and enhanced your look to a great extent. But retaining the color is a challenge. If you fail to maintain the hair color, then it will fade over time, and you need to recolor it quite often. Also, you will see a difference in the colors as your hair starts growing.

While it is challenging to retain the hair color that you have, it is not impossible. You can take some precautions and care to ensure that your hair color lasts longer. You can research the internet and also get some tips from the experts who have attended a hairdressing class in Chennai. Some common tips that are detailed below include,

  • Protection against UV rays
  • Avoiding swimming in chlorinated water
  • Usage of proper hair care products

Here’s how to prevent hair color from fading due to Chennai climate

Some factors that make hair coloring fade faster are exposure to sunlight and frequent washing of your hair. Notably, during summer, if you spend most of your time outdoors, then the sunlight is sure to wear away your hair color quickly than you can imagine. You can prevent sunlight from fading the color on your hair by protecting it against harmful sun rays. This is possible by covering your hair with a scarf whenever you out in the sun in Chennai.

Avoid direct sunlight immediately after getting your hair colored as freshly colored hair is more susceptible to fading. If you have to go out in the sun soon after getting your hair colored, you should use a leave-on conditioner so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Besides this, you should avoid swimming pools as the water will be chlorinated to a great extent. Remember that chlorine will result in faster fading of your hair color. If you want to go swimming, then you should not ignore to wear a swimming cap that will keep your hair unexposed to chlorine in the water. The best hairdressers in Chennai will suggest these hair coloring care tips so that your hair color stays longer.

Try after-care shampoos and conditions from salons in Chennai

Hairdressing Classes by Bloom Beauty AcademyFor proper and effective maintenance of your hair color, you should use an effective shampoo and conditioner combo, which has formulations that contain UV filters. Such a shampoo and conditioner will leave a protective barrier on your hair that will keep it intact and combat the effects of sun rays. There are many color-depositing and after-care shampoos and conditioners that can give your hair color a new life. You can find these hair care products at the best salons in Chennai. It is recommended that you use these shampoos and conditioners at least once a week so that your hair color is maintained correctly. Even the top hairdressers in your locality will sell these shampoos and conditioners that will let you take good care of your hair color.

Also, there are hair styling products such as leave-on conditioners and serums. You can use these to add glossiness and shine to your hair. Some leave-on conditioners will define your hair by adding a new dimension to it. If you do not maintain your hair color by using these products, then your hair color will not last, so it is essential to invest in these products to keep the effects of color intact.

Other hair color care tips suggested by experts in Chennai

While it is suggested that you use a good shampoo and conditioner to retain the hair color and make it last longer, there are a few tips that you should follow while shampooing your hair for the best results. Firstly, it is essential to rinse off afterward with cold water instead of hot water. Also, remember that frequent hair washes will wash out the color relatively faster. You should limit the number of times you wash your hair to retain the color and make it last longer.

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