Fashion Makeup classes - Fashion Makeup in ChennaiEyes are the most beautiful feature in a person. It reflects the personality of a person and the real self. A women’s bag will always have the essential products for makeup. The vital parts of eye makeup are eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner. Every woman enhances her eyes with makeup to look more impressive and beautiful. The perfect eye makeup creates a difference and adds charm to the personality.

There are varieties of brands available in the Chennai market giving the best quality makeup products. Some of the famous brands which have gained popularity for eye makeup products are MAC, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Stila, NARS Cosmetics and Clinique. The most crucial aspect to consider is, properly applying eye makeup. If not applied correctly, even the best and expensive makeup product will look disastrous.

Tips for applying eye makeup given by the professionals in Chennai

The makeup expert in Chennai gives simple tips on top of the mind while doing the makeup for the eyes.

  • Eye shadow
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner

Eye shadow must be selected with the utmost care, and it should be of good quality. Once you have chosen, apply it gently. The eye shadow adds depth and dimension to your eyes. It makes the eyes look bigger and helps in accentuate the eye color. Investment in high-quality products and brushes ensures proper application and blending. Use a good primer before you apply eye shadow to stay all day and not crease. Always use a dark shade of eye shadow to the bottom area of the eye. Most girls apply mascara to add beauty to natural eyelashes. Mascara makes the lashes look long, thick, curly and dark. Mascara generally comes in black hues and is applied from base to tip of eyelashes.

In the past, eyeliners were only available in black color. But today, lots of colored eyeliners are available to match your outfit and eyes. Eyeliners come in pencil, powder and liquid form. It can be applied above or below the eyes. Ensure your eyelids are clean before applying a primer on it. Then it will not smudge and stays longer. Always apply the eyeliner from inside corner of your eye to the outside in one stroke. Eyeliner must be applied only after eye shadow and mascara to complete eye makeup. These days, gel-based eyeliners are popular for their easy application and long wearability.

Bridal eye makeup tips given by beauticians in Chennai

Bridal Makeup courses in Chennai by Bloom AcademyWedding is the time when the bridal wants to look the best and puts maximum efforts to look perfect. Though small eyes are charming, few brides want to enhance their eyes to look bigger and brighter. The eyebrow frames the upper half of your face. Trim the eyebrows by plucking and cleaning up the hair around arches. When shading the eyebrows, focus on your arch and ends of the eyebrows. This elongates your eyes and gives you a sharp look. The best way to enhance your eyes is to cut crease makeup. In this, a crease is created by shadowing in a dark shade of the eyes. Crease colors which are suitable for the bride are burgundy, black, bronze, deep brown and other dark shades.

The eye shadow and eyeliner are shaded and drawn in an elongated shape making the eyes to look more shapely and attractive. The eyeliner should be drawn long extending in a wing. The eyeliner must not extend beyond the length of the eyebrows. It is best to stick to waterproof eyeliners for the brides, as they get emotional on their weddings. Always use a smudge-proof liner to avoid messy in your makeup. Eyelashes enhance a lot to your eyes.

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