Bloom Academy's Diploma Salon ClassMakeup artists, beauticians, and aestheticians fulfil dynamic and busy roles that involve a smorgasbord of activities. They can be waxing in the morning and giving manicures in the afternoon. They can be hairdressing in the evening and offering body treatments at the end of the day. Beauticians essentially advise beauty treatments such as:

  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Makeup
  • Nailcare
  • Other cosmetic procedures

From day spas to salons to department stores, makeup artists can find work in a variety of settings. So how does one set about creating a fulfilling career in this field? One of the best beauty academies gives insider tips and an overview of how to go about your very first steps.

The Basics of Becoming Beautician in Chennai

1. Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is required for most positions in this field. It may also need some additional beautician training for expertise.
2. Critical Skills: A beautician has to have:

  • Creative flair
  • Physical stamina
  • Administration skills
  • Time management skills
  • Knowledge of industry trends and styles
  • Good people and customer service skills
  • Be well-presented

3.Career Growth: From 2014 to 2024 there is a 10% rise predicted for barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists.
Steps to Follow in Chennai to be a Beautician

  • Do Research
    The field of aesthetics is wide-ranging. It includes treatments like waxing; skin, eyebrow, nail and eyelash care; makeup; hairstyling, etc. Besides these, there are more advanced procedures like laser hair removal, permanent eyebrow, and makeup, electrolysis. Therefore, the first step is to research the roles and duties you will have to perform as a beautician. Then find out to the educational background you need to have to accomplish those duties.
  • Go to Vocational School
    In most cases, beauticians are trained to for general work, but few segments require focused training from a beauty school. Unlike most degrees, a beautician course is not offered at a regular college or university. To become a professional, you need to enrol in one of the following:

    • independent vocational cosmetology schools
    • technical schools
    • Open colleges

If you enlist fulltime, then a course can be usually finished in 9 months.

Diploma in Cosmetics by Bloom Academy

  • Get Apprenticed
    Joining a cosmetology program is just the start for an aspiring beautician. The second step is to get hands-on training for every speciality. The apprenticeship can be as short as one year and as long as three years. Once it is accomplished, you become a full-fledged beautician.
  • Additional Courses
    The task of a beautician demands a constant update with the current trends and styles. To be aware of what products and techniques are being used it is essential to attend shows, training courses, and seminars regularly. Moreover, management diploma should also be completed especially if you are thinking of being self-employed. It will help with skills like time management and client handling. There is no need to take a full-time MBA course, but a short course that is designed for cosmetologists would be perfect.

Alternatives for Beauticians in Chennai

There are always times in life when we want to walk an alternative path to the one that was initially chosen. For those who picked to be a beautician, there are some other fields that can be considered as options.

  • Barber: This job will take you to a barbershop instead of a salon and men will be the majority of clients. The responsibilities would include styling hair, cutting hair and facial hair grooming. You would need only a high school certificate and some training to be a barber.
  • Electrologist: This job necessitates an accreditation from a proper school that trains people in electrical stimulation of hair follicles to reduce hair growth. It required proper licensing and completion of set hours of training.

The actual work beautician perform can change with the environment they are in, and the services asked of them. But on the whole, the duties encompass making appointments, delivering the treatment, giving advice and keeping impeccable client records. Choose one of the top beautician institutes in Chennai like BloomHair which provides expert training to aspiring cosmetologists, and the path will be as easy as curling hair with a one-inch barrel.