Cosmetology is the study of beauty therapy and health care treatment. It includes hair, face and overall body. The field of cosmetology can have different job roles such as hairdresser, skin care specialist, beautician, hair stylist, nail artist, etc. The cosmetologist works in the beauty industry providing treatment for problems related to appearance and abnormalities to restore natural beauty. Cosmetologist makes people look young and feel good.

The recent cosmetology trends are the supreme way to explore new hairstyle and fresh look. In this modern era, the industry is committed to empower, produce and emphasize the appearance such as makeup, hair-style and fashion. Therefore, cosmetology seeks different ways to improve self-esteem and appearance. Reformation has happened in the present day and brands are giving their best in the industry.

Re-defining the role of the beauty industry in Chennai

Professional Beautician Course in ChennaiThere are many cosmetology courses in Chennai to re-define the concept of beauty in the industry. Different roles have empowered by marketing and the results are seen making natural moves in the industry. Different trends of the current generation in Chennai are:

  • Luscious locks and long hair
  • Braid hair
  • Microblading
  • Trendy lip looks

Luscious locks is on-trend and it focuses having straight, glossy and smooth locks with long hairstyles. Embellishing the braided hair is popular these days. Integrating metal rings in the braids is growing popularity. The rings appear unique in different braid styles. Having jewellery is a trendy option for braids. In microblading, small microneedles are used to add the pigment to the upper layer of the skin. This technique is a semi-permanent solution to the thin brows. The microblading helps to attain the full brow look and give a natural appearance. The other option for the brow full look is using brow powder which is needle-free and affordable. It requires little work in the mornings but gives you a natural look for the brows.

Recent days, trendy lip looks are becoming bold. Skip the lip liner in your makeup routine, it creates diffused edges and gives a blurred style look. Cotton swab helps to lessen the lipstick on edges. Apply little lipstick in the centre of the lip to enhance the effect. In Ombre style, bold colours are used like reds and oranges shades. This blended look is achieved by applying red lipstick around the lip edges and bright orange on the middle of the lips. Matte lipsticks are outdated as Glittery lips are getting popular these days. Fill glitter to the lips after applying colour lipstick. Glossy lips are versatile as the look go well with all colours.

Beauty Trends that changed the industry in Chennai

The newer trend is to ramp up the bling nail designs. Dazzling decorations and shiny finish are outstanding in the present generation. Chrome nail color has become a fashion as it creates a mirror effect on the nails. The increasing trend is to glue gemstones on the nails to create 3D art effect. Orange nails look stylish and bold during the summer season. Ballerina nail has a subtle shape and creates a distinct look. This style of nails is also known as coffin nails. The Ballerina nails have a flat top which jazz up the nail looks.

Eye makeup has also transformed in recent days. Having bold eye looks are in trend rather than smoky looks or subtle looks. Applying bold underliner to the makeup routine is the hot cosmetics trends. Bright colors are used for the under-eye area. Orange hues are used to create a bright and bold eye look. Metallic eye shadow like blue, purple and bronze color is gaining popularity to the eye area. Another trending option is pairing multiple colors on the eyelid to produce a watercolor effect.

Cosmetology courses in Chennai have gained popularity

The cosmetology courses in Chennai offer specialized courses to suit the changing trend in the industry. The beauty courses in Chennai will help to build up the confidence to serve the clients in hairstyles, make-up and more. The beauty courses provide training in hair styling, latest fashion and spa handling techniques. There are lots of career opportunities with cosmetology courses like professional stylists, beauticians, etc. The courses gain more experience and establish to become loyal beauty consultant.